Because It Was Never an Option

Between Mr. P and Mr. J? Honestly, it’s a no brainer for me. 

Di satu sisi, ada mantan walikota dan gubernur dengan karir meroket di pemerintahan, lengkap dengan segudang prestasi dan kesahajaannya. Dan di sisi lain ada mantan jenderal dengan karir militer (which, by the way ended), lengkap dengan segenap kontroversinya. Saya tidak melihat ada dilema disini.

The distance between the two candidates are as broad as inspiration and control, and you know which one is which 🙂

I am so happy that this guy, the furniture seller, the man of the people, the populist governor, the public servant, has effortlessly and gracefully won this election despite all of the endless slanders and smear campaign thrown at him. Beautiful 🙂

Selamat mengabdi, Pak Jokowi-JK! 🙂 

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On Don Jon

Who would’ve thought this movie was about FEMINISM?

To everyone who is saying how horrible and pointless this movie is – you need to look past the outer layer and read between the lines. It IS like a typical comedy/drama, but it’s a good stuff if you dig a bit deeper.

It wasn’t about porn addiction and JGL didn’t make Jon a porn addict just because there were no movies about it. It wasn’t about douchy guy. The idea was how nowadays people are artificial. Everything is self-absorbed and cold and dead and fake, and that’s why people aren’t happy, that’s the issue that Joe was trying to raise.

Loved it. Simple, to the point, a big exaggerated but it was there to prove a point. Well done Joe, and I’m so looking foward to your future in movie directing.

VIDEO: Bukittinggi

Kata orang sih, gw ga ada Padang – Padangnya samsek. LOL. That’s why ketika bokap gw menawarkan paket honeymoon 4 malam ke Bukittinggi, lilsis pun ragu, “emangnya lo mau gt honeymoon ke Padang?” Kata gw: ya gmn ya, gw sih ga terlalu ambisieus terlalu travelling, ga perlu hip abis, atau harus bgt susah kesana nya, atau pamer-able gitu di instagram… Lagipula, ini kesempatan yang bagus banget to get deep to the roots of my ancestors disono. Berangkatlah kita ke Padang, a week after our wedding day.

Bukittinggi was very lovely city, blessed with its breathtaking nature and as once an Indonesian capital city, its famous historical landmarks, dan bagian favorit, free flow Padangnese food everyday. We stayed at this beautiful house of Opa Adi Djakman (my grandpa’s brother). It was a very peaceful and secluded house where we can see the majestic view of BOTH Gunung Marapi and Gunung Singgalang from its dining room (Seriously, it’s gorgeous).

So anyway, here’s how we enjoy our 5 days in Bukittinggi:

Getting Married at 23

Ada iklan yg akhir-akhir ini sangat gengges menurut gw:

Jadi menurut iklan itu, yang dibuat oleh BKKBN, usia pernikahan ideal laki-laki adalah 25 tahun dan usia pernikahan ideal perempuan adalah 21 tahun.

Dan yang paling bikin ganggu adalah background music Pernikahan Dini by Agnes Momon yang bikin kesan pernikahan di usia muda itu negatif banget – hellooooo lo pake soundtrack sinetron nyampah yang isinya tentang bocah – bocah SMA yang beranak sebelum nikah. Which is bisa menjadi ofensif banget ya untuk beberapa orang (gw nggak sih)(edited: boong banget, jelas-jelas nulis post pembelaan diri sambil micing-micingin mata). Gw sendiri ada di dalam age bracket usia pernikahan perempuan ideal menurut iklan itu (not for Ich apparently) but yg ada di otak gw tuh:

Why the hell is the government interfering with society’s marriage?

How the heck do they feel comfortable dictating a marriage age?

Apa sih yang sebernya pengen lo sampein BKKBN? Apakah mereka ingin menyebarkan semacam virus kepercayaan bahwa menikah under/above certain age itu tabu?

Iklan itulah yang mentrigger gw untuk membuat blogpost ini, karena gw sendiri juga udah lost track of number of times of respon dari berita pernikahan gw dengan “kenapa?””tapi kan lo muda banget!””kebelet nikah ya?”(dalam hati: iya bener kok, kebelet banget terus kenapa? Ngerepotin lo ga gw?) dan my personal favorite: “Mo makan pake apa? Cinta?” (sori ye, gw tiap hari dikasi makan karbohidrat sama protein sama laki gw!) – as though to imply that marriage is not for our age group!

Seriously, gw juga udah tutup mata telinga hati kalo orang – orang ngejudge gw nikah by accident. (Alhamdulillah dapet pahala dari orang – orang yang fitnah gw…)

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before bahwa gue memang selalu bercita-cita nikah muda, alasannya simple: buat gw pacaran itu melelahkan. I kinda need my safety net earlier karena gw adalah orang yang percaya komitmen, gue pacaran dengan Ich gw selalu melihatnya thru the end (despite dia juga merupakan sosok pendamping hidup yang ideal buat gw) dan Ich pun begitu.

Dan melihat bahwa gw sudah ada niat, Ich ada niat, orangtua kenal dari taun 80an, udah restu dan NGEBET (FYI aja gw sempet dipaksa nikah pas masih kuliah), Ich is financially ready (sempat bekerja project-based setahun sebelum menikah dan have I mentioned his saving habit? It’s INSANE, PLUS yes it’s a little bit too optimistic but I believe that geologist is one of the most well-paid profession in the country) dan faktor – faktor X lainnya (Pacaran udah sekian tahun? Rumah jarak 5 menit? Teman – teman sepermainan? We’re just very much compatible to each other?) –  buat apa sih ditunda – tunda? At 23 I can proudly say that we’re both sudah siap menuju dunia adulthood, even when other people think we don’t.

But if the government wanted Ich to wait to get hitched 2 years from now, will he receive a magical box that gave him all of the wisdom in the world? Will his life have turned out differently if he’d waited til 25?

I bet not, karena kedewasaan itu bukan dicapai ketika seseorang sudah mencapai certain age, tapi kedewasaan itu lebih ke PROSES – life is full of learning and gaining wisdom – And being married itu seperti menjadi motivasi lo untuk selalu berbuat positif dan dewasa (ya malu lah, masa udah kawin kelakuan masih kaya anak bocah…)

Gw juga kenal dengan banyak orang yang usianya udah mau kepala 3 tp kelakuan gak kalah norak sama anak SMA. Manja, indecisive, latah, gak tanggung jawab. Tapi gw juga kenal banyak dengan orang yang biarpun masih sekolah tapi udah punya sosok keibuan/kebapakan, punya passion , mau berusaha, dan punya target dalam hidup. Jadi fair gak sih kalo orang disuru nikah cuman gara – gara umur?

Balik lagi ke iklan BKKBN, menurut gw iklan itu bikin kesan menikah itu jadi time schedule.

I’m 25 so I should be married or at least engaged  If you are getting married because of some social construct you made up in your head then THAT is an issue. I think that’s the problem of many couples today, and the reason for the high divorce rate, NOT BEING MARRIED UNDER/ABOVE CERTAIN AGE.

Gw sendiri pun walaupun menikah muda, TIDAK PERNAH SAMA SEKALI memaksa/memberi saran teman – teman gw untuk mengambil jalan hidup sama seperti gw. Some things matters more for some people. And while for me marriage makes me a better person, maybe not for other people? It could be career, it could be education, it could be anything (Don’t get us wrong – careers ARE important for us but for Ich, as a geologist his work environment are always in remote areas, field-based, away from Jakarta and we are afraid that if we waited too long, for example til 25, life becomes too much about work, and we are less able to put marriage first). And marriage is not a race – you can’t decide “when” you are going to fall in love. It can happen when you’re 18, or 23, or 30. If you’ve found the right person, you’ll know it.

And Ich and I never regret that we got married in such a young age, because we didn’t do it for the wrong reason, and it’s not wrong either to postpone your marriage because you want to pursue your dream first.

And for the government to impose such a restriction on marriage age, is insane.

Tips for Model United Nations Newbies

I am a former Training Manager team member of Ganesha Model United Nations Club as well as a member in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee and as a member of the  team who snatched the Honorable  Mention award at the 2012 Harvard MUN (by the name Hendra K and Andhika N), I think it’s pretty legitimate to share this to you. You may know from my previous posts that I like to play photoshop and transform information into images like these.

In case you’re a newfound MUN enthusiast, here’s some tips for you:


Deliver your bright ideas, think out of the box! Look confident – remember, looking convincing can intimidate other! Wear nice business attire – Remember, when you look good, you feel good, you DO GOOD! Mingle with people, not only inside the caucus, take em to go shopping! Have a sip at the coffeehouse! Do research together! Then, ask them to sign your working paper! Persuade people – make sure to think that your working paper contains the most effective solution! That it is a mistake to join another allies! Do not get intimidated! Vocally active people does not seem like they know everything – some of the best delegates are very laid-back but gave 100% quality speech when they deliver their ideas. Be protective of your ideas – eventho its a MODEL United Nations, politics still applies! People won’t hesitate to steal your ideas for award purpose! Go with your country’s stance – NOT YOURS! Some country policy will not be compatible with your idealism but as a delegate from your country you should speak on behalf of them. And finally, SIT IN FRONT! Stealing attention from the chair is a must in MUN world!!!